Solutions from PCC to IND Drug Development

One-stop solutions with integrated project management and execution, and accelerating the clinical trail initiation for competitive advantages. Once a PCC antibody is determined, it takes about 12 months to complete the preclinical R&D and IND filing. Sanyou has completed the PCC-to-IND development of several client’s projects which have been submitted for IND in both China and the U.S.

Service Highlights

1. Integrated PCC-to-IND services

  • With our integrated services, only antibody sequence information is required for the IND approval.

2. Over 30 ongoing PCC-to-IND projects

  • The disease spectrum includes hematologic malignancy, solid tumors, autoimmune disorders, eye diseases, metabolic disorders, infectious diseases, etc.

3. Experience of 5 IND projects

  • 5 projects in the IND stage, with 1 application approved and 1 accepted.

4. IND delivery in 12 months

  • Integrated platforms enable 12-month delivery.

5. Various drug modalities

  • Various drug modalities such as monoclonal, bi-specific, trispecific antibodies and ADC.

6. Four sets of authorized host cells

  • Four sets of host cells supplied by Thermo Fisher, HORIZON, MERCK, and Quacells.

7. Antibody titer up to 12 g/L

  • Industry-leading antibody titer up to 12 g/L.

8. Antibody drug R&D team of 300 professionals

  • Team with extensive experience of project management and fast troubleshooting.

9. 100% successful deliveries

  • 100% successful deliveries guaranteed by advanced platform technologies and extensive R&D experiences.

10. Flexible and customized business model

  • Flexible cooperation options oriented for successful project development.

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