Antibody Screening with Common Light Chain Ab Library

Bispecific antibodies with common light chain can reduce the mispair of light and heavy chains, and are highly consistent with natural IgG structure. Compared with various bispecific antibody formats that do not exist in human body, bispecific antibodies with common light chain have better druggability and higher safety. In order to obtain common light chain antibodies with good druggability, high affinity and high diversity, we have launched a sub-library of super-trillion common light chain antibody library screening service.


Service Highlights

1. Preferable light chain, better druggability

  • The light chain with better druggability was selected from thousands of human light chain germ line sequences.

2. Fully human antibody, high safety

  • Fully human antibody can be obtained by phage display technology directly and with high safety.

3. Diverse heavy chains, more candidates

  • The well-chosen light chain germ line was combined with ten billions humanized heavy chain sequences, which has been validated with dozens of targets, hundreds of leads can be obtained for each target averagely.

4. Multiple panning strategies, high quality candidates

  • Multiple panning strategies including cross-panning with Fc/His-tag antigen, cross-panning with solid-phase and liquid-phase antigens, cross-panning with over-expressed cell line and recombinant protein antigens, and competition or blocking panning were adopted to obtain preferable candidates efficiently.

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