Customization of Anti-drug Antibody

Based on the technology of mouse immunization and phage display antibody library, we provide polyclonal and monoclonal ADA customization services. By applying antibody discovery and production methods that combine mouse immunization, arrayed phage antibody library construction and magnetic beads based high-throughput screening technology, polyclonal and monoclonal ADA can be rapidly and effectively prepared and purified with a yield that is ten thousand times higher than the hybridoma preparation. Antibody libraries with the capacity of 108 guarantee high diversity. Polyclonal and monoclonal ADAs for different targets can be delivered with assured quality and quantity.

Service Highlights

1. 108antibody libraries with great diversity and a yield ten thousand times higher than hybridoma preparation

  • Phage display library technology is applied to build large libraries with great diversity.

  • Clear antibody sequence facilitates the further construction of various genetically engineered antibodies.


2. 3 rounds of panning, 4 rounds of ELISA screening, sequencing of 100 clones, and antibodies with superior affinity guaranteed

  • Recombination of antibody heavy chain and light chain genes is equivalent to an in vitro affinity maturation of the antibodies.

  • 3-10 antibodies with superior affinity and high specificity are screened from tens of millions antibodies with high efficiency and effectiveness.


3. Antibodies with clear sequences can be delivered in 90 days

  • It takes only 90 days to deliver monoclonal anti-drug antibodies by applying molecular biology technologies, which is nearly half of the time comparing to the hybridoma technology.

  • Through primer sequencing, antibody sequences can be delivered for subsequent antibody engineering and mass production of antibodies.

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