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The endogenous mouse Cd274(also known as PD-L1) gene was replaced by human PD-L1 gene .  While hPD-L1(2)(Stock No.NM-HU-190039) mice function similarly to hPD-L1 mice,for more detailed information please contact our technical advisor.

Research Application:Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening

Validation Data


Fig1.Expression of PD-L1 in the spleen lymphocytes collected from homozygous humanized PD-L1 mice and wild-type mice is detected by FACS. The results showed that the expression of human PD-L1 can be detected in both T cells and B cells collected from the spleen of homozygous humanized PD-L1 mice. (Completed in collaboration with CrownBio)


Fig2. Immunotype in blood , spleen and bone marrow in hPD-L1 mice.  


Fig3. Immunotype in blood in hPD-L1 mice. 


Fig4. Immunotype in spleen in hPD-L1 mice. 


Fig5. Immunotype in bone marrow in hPD-L1 mice. 


Fig6. In vivo validation of anti-tumor efficacy in a MC38 tumor-bearing model of humanized PD-L1 mice. Homozygous humanized PD-L1 mice were inoculated with MC38 colon cancer cells (expressing human PDL1 rather than murine PD-L1). After the tumors grew to 100 mm3, the animals were randomly assigned into a control group and a treatment group (n=5). The results showed: The antibodies targeting human PD-L1 were associated with a very significant anti-tumor effect (TGI: tumor growth inhibition, p < 0.001), demonstrating that the humanized PD-L1 mice are a good in vivo model for validating the efficacy of antibodies targeting human PD-L1.

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