Shanghai Model Organisms Jinshan R&D Base officially put into operation

Recently, the new R&D base of Shanghai Model Organisms Center (SMOC) in Jinshan Industrial Zone, Shanghai, has been officially put into operation. With a complete set of functions and advanced technologies, the base provides R&D, production and technical services of genetically modified animal models which mainly feature in R&D, strain preservation and phenotype analysis of genetically modified rat/mouse models. After the base is put into operation, SMOC’s capability to provide genetically modified rat/mouse models and technical services including gene function research and drug development will be greatly enhanced. The base will uphold the uniform vision and mission of SMOC and will take the unlocking the mystery of life by gene editing as our duties, continuously providing global customers with convenient, professional model organism technology services and model resources.

The new base covers a floor area of more than 7,600 square meters and is expected to have 50,000 cages. After put into use, it can significantly improve the company’s R&D capability and efficiency and help the company better integrate its R&D and production. At the same time, a series of model R&D projects targeting innovative drugs and therapies will be carried out to expand the company’s R&D reserve to meet the market’s further demand. 

About Shanghai Model Organisms Center

Founded in September 2000, Shanghai Model Organisms Center, Inc. (SMOC)always takes the unlocking the mystery of life by gene editing as our duties . Dedicated to the field of model organisms, SMOC focuses on the R&D, breeding and testing of genetically modified animal models. It is committed to providing comprehensive, convenient, and professional model organism technology services and model resources to universities, research institutes, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies around the world.


Photo 1 Exterior view of the Jinshan Base


Photo 2 Animal room at the Jinshan Base


Photo 3 Outdoor equipment at the Jinshan Base

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Our vision is to provide researchers all over the world with comprehensive, convenient and professional animal model services to facilitate a simplified and highly-efficient approach towards uncovering the mysteries of life.

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