Established in September 2000, Shanghai Model Organisms Center Inc. has stayed true to its commitment to gene editing and the decoding of the language of life. Through our focus on the field of model organisms and our specialization in R&D, breeding and analysis of genetically-engineered animal models, we provide universities, research institutes, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies across the world with comprehensive, convenient and professional technical services and model resources.


  • Founding of Shanghai Model Organisms Center in Sep. 2000

  • Established the R&D base for animal models of disease (biotechnology field) with support from the "863" program directed by the Ministry of Science and Technology in Nov. 2000

  • Completed construction of SPF animal rooms and embryo micro-manipulation experimental facilities in 2001

  • Successful generation of 1st SMOC transgenic mice in 2002

  • Successful generation of 1st SMOC knockout mice in 2003

  • Included as one of the first R&D public service platforms in Shanghai in 2007

  • Establishment of zebrafish research platform in 2008

  • Establishment of C. elegans research platform in 2010

  • Recognized as Shanghai Professional Technical Service Platform for Animal Models in 2011

  • Recognized as Shanghai High and New Technology Enterprise (HNTE) in 2011

  • Recognized as Shanghai Engineering and Technological Research Center for Animal Models in 2012

  • Obtained AAALAC accreditation in 2012

  • Recognized as Shanghai Professional Technical Service Platform for Comparative Medicine in 2015

  • Series A funding in 2015

  • Transformed into a joint-stock company and renamed as Shanghai Model Organisms Center, Inc. in Jun. 2016

  • Completed NEEQ listing, stock code 839728 in Nov. 2016

  • Recognized as Shanghai Science and Technology Little Giant Enterprise in 2017

  • Brand upgrading in 2018

  • Establishment of preclinical efficacy evaluation service platform in 2019

  • Series B funding in 2020

  • SMOC(stock code:688265) launched into SSE STAR Market in 2021

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