Excision and Regeneration of Tissue

Principle Major gastric resection (sleeve gastrectomy) in diabetic mice can simulate the conditions observed in type II diabetes patients after clinical treatment.

Sample requirements Adult diabetic mice

Service cycle Surgery for 1 day. It is recommended to place the mice under observation for 1 week until their conditions become stable before delivery (with a certain rate of mortality).

Technical indicators The testing services including fasting blood glucose data, body weight data, GTT, and ITT.


Figure 1. Modeling method

Principle The mechanisms underlying liver regeneration and repair are studied by partial hepatectomy.

Sample requirements Male C57 mice of 10 weeks old

Service cycle 14 business days

Technical indicators Testing services include 1) Serum testing: biochemistry, ELISA; 2) Pathological testing: HE staining; 3) Detection of mRNA level: Real-time PCR; 4) Detection of protein level: Western blot, FACS.

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