Animal Welfare

Shanghai Model Organisms Co., Ltd. Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Model Organisms IACUC") adheres strictly to the following normative documents:

  • Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, 8th Edition

  • Institution Animal Care and Use  Committee Guidebook 2002 2th Edition

  • GB/T 27416-2014 Laboratory Animal Institutions - General Requirements for Quality and Competence

  • CNAS-CL60 Accreditation Criteria for Quality and Competency of Laboratory Animal Care and Use Institutions

  • Shanghai Municipal Laboratory Animal Management Regulations 1997


Responsible for the supervision and assessment of all animal care and use plans, as well as their contents, within the company. All animal-related activities in SMOC, including animal and laboratory facilities, adhere strictly to the IACUC regulations.


The main functions of SMOC IACUC are as follows:

  • Review and approve all applications for and changes to animal experiments, and provide the IACUC number that complies with animal ethics after such approval.

  • Conduct regular inspections on the animal facilities of the institution.

  • Review all projects related to animal care and use.

  • Monitor and prevent the diseases of animals in the facilities of the institution.

  • Perform qualification review and training for the personnel who are responsible for the handling of laboratory animals.

  • Supervise the selection and use of anaesthetics and analgesics.

  • Provide support for pre-operative preparation and post-operative care of laboratory animals.

  • Check if the implementation of euthanasia of laboratory animals is in accordance with international standards.

  • SMOC IACUC has the right to suspend any non-compliant activities involving animals.

By adhering strictly to the SMOC IACUC regulations, we guarantee the consistent high-level product and service quality. If you have any inquiries or suggestions, please feel free to contact us by phone or email!

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