Construction of Overexpression Cell Line

Raw material preparation is the first step of R&D of IND antibody drugs. To overcome the drawbacks of long cycle, low throughput, and low rate of success in cell lines preparation, Sanyou Bio proudly launches the construction service of overexpression cell lines for R&D work.

Overexpression cell lines are constructed with CHO, HEK293 and various of tumor cells by electrotransformation, chemotransformation and lentivirus infection, and are screened by puromycin, hygromycin, G418 and GS high expression screening systems to obtain stable high-expression level cell lines.

Starting from transfection, it only takes 4–6 weeks to obtain an overexpression cell pool with high expression and good stability, and only 6–8 weeks to obtain a monoclonal cell line. Moreover, 30 cell lines can be constructed in batches at a time.

Service Highlights

1. Extensive varieties: diverse molecular types and abundant host cell bank resources

  • Flexible construction of secreted antigens, antibodies, membrane proteins, transmembrane protein overexpression cell lines and luciferase reporting systems. Overexpression cell lines are constructed with CHO, HEK293, and various of tumor cells by electrotransformation, chemotransformation, and lentiviral infection, which can be screened by puromycin, hygromycin, G418, and GS high-expression screening systems to obtain stable high-expression cell lines.

2. Comprehensive quality assessment: comprehensive evaluation of RT-qPCR, FACS, and PDL

  • The constructed overexpression cell lines are detected by Gator, HPLC, RT-qPCR, and FACS at the protein and gene levels, respectively, the stability of cell lines is evaluated by continuous passage of 20 PDLs, and ensure positive rate > 80%.

3. Fast and efficient: gram-level antibodies can be obtained in 35 days, and stable overexpression cell lines can be obtained in 4–6 weeks

  • From the vector construction, it takes only 35 days at the earliest to obtain gram-level antibodies, and only about 4 weeks at the earliest to obtain a fully qualified overexpression cell line for research that can be ultimately used for the development of therapeutic products.

4. Extensive use: suitable for the whole process of therapeutic product development

  • Stable cell line models constructed can be used for subsequent gene function research and gene therapy research, which can be further used for drug target screening, cell signaling pathway analysis and protein interaction; It is also suitable for in vivo experiments of tumor formation in nude mice.

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