Antibody Screening With Super-trillion Fully Human Ab Library

 Phage display technology is a powerful technique to develop human antibodies. It has many outstanding advantages over hybridoma antibody technology. Phage displayed human antibody libraries in the market generally have the problems of few donors, low capacity, low diversity, low affinity and poor druggability. In order to obtain more quantity and better quality antibody candidates, we launch the sub-library of super-trillion fully human antibody library screening service.

Hundreds of high affinity lead antibodies can be obtained, and the affinity, specificity, category richness and other indicators of the obtained antibodies are at the international leading level.


Statistics of the number of leading molecules of different difficulty targets

Service Highlights

1. From clearly defined gene sequences, to directly generate human antibody

  • The service adopts genetic engineering and phage display technology, which can directly screen the human recombinant antibody gene sequence and reduce unnecessary screening work.

2. With an over 100-billion library capacity, to easily obtain high antibody diversity

  • The capacity of sub-library of super-trillion fully human antibody library is as high as 1.55×1011 CFU. The huge number of hits ensures the diversity of antibodies and lays the foundation for later research and development.

3. By integrated high-throughput panning technology, to significantly improve screening efficiency

  • A one-stop, solid-phase and liquid-phase, high-throughput automatic screening platform is adopted, which greatly shortens the screening time, improves the screening flux and greatly improves the screening efficiency.

4. Based upon numerous antibody binders, to firmly secure hundreds of lead molecules

  • After the verification of dozens of targets, hundreds of lead antibody binders can be obtained for each target by using protein-protein, protein-cell and cell-cell screening methods.

5. Through eukaryotic expression platform, to convincingly perform cell-based function verification

  • Using a mammalian cell expression system, the expressed recombinant protein is close to the natural conformation and has good biological activity. Supplemented by multi-dimensional quality control, the antibody quality is fully verified.

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