Analysis of Antibody Specificity

For monoclonal antibody drugs, the multi-specificity of antibody target also brings great risks to the safety of usage, which is a big challenge for their development. Therefore, we launch the service for non-specific binding assessment.

 Our specific detection library has included over 2000 target antigen proteins, over 1600 overexpression cell lines, and over 1000 target reference antibodies, which can be used for the rapid evaluation of binding specificity. In the future, the library will also contain over 4500 membrane protein overexpression cell lines to achieve full-target evaluation and facilitate the selection of optimal antibody molecules. In addition, we also provide TCR tests on humans, rhesus monkeys, and rats to assist clients in clinical application.

Service Highlights

1. Over 6500 target recombinant proteins

  • Extensive target protein library and 7-day protein preparation process enable rapid and comprehensive completion of antibody non-specific evaluation.

2. Over 4500 Membrane protein overexpression cell lines

  • Multiple target cell libraries and non-specific antibody evaluation based on flow analysis enables accurate determination of non-specific targets.

3. TCR tests on humans, Rhesus monkeys, and rats

  • 33 human tissues, 30 Rhesus monkey tissues, and 30 rat tissues.

4. Rich project testing experience

  • Accumulated detection experience of dozens of projects, covering proteins, cells, and tissues.

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