Antibody Screening with Single Domain Ab Library

Humanized single domain antibody can greatly reduce the immunogenicity of alpaca-derived antibodies and accelerate the launch of antibody-based drugs. We provide sub-library of super-trillion single domain antibody library screening service with the humanization level of up to 98% to address the problems faced by conventional single domain antibody preparation technologies, such as long preparation time, heavy screening workload, and a small number of candidate antibodies available.

Service Highlights

1. High level of antibody humanization

  • Based on the accumulated experience in more than 130 molecules of humanization projects, the human framework with good druggability is used to build the library, and the humanization degree of single domain antibodies obtained is up to 98%.

2. A large number of lead antibodies

  • After the verification of 12 projects, each project yields an average of 200-300 lead antibody molecules with antibody affinity reaching the level of pM.

3. Suitable for a wide array of difficult targets

  • A large number of antibody molecules are obtained for a wide array of difficult targets, such as single-pass membrane, multi-pass membrane and cytokine targets, providing perfect solutions to antibody drug screening confronted with highly challenging.

4. Diversified and High-throughput screening

  • For different antigens, a variety of screening strategies, such as Fc/His label crossover, solid-liquid crossover, cell-protein crossover, competition and blocking for screening, may be developed, and lead antibody molecules can be rapidly obtained through high throughput solid-liquid phase.

5. Eukaryotic expression system and cellular level activity verified

  • The full-length lead antibodies are constructed, and then expressed through CHO/293 eukaryotic expression system, followed by physiochemical analysis as well as functional verification of cellular level in order to obtain more authentic and meaningful druggability data.

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